I’m a wildlife and conservation photographer who wants to challenge the viewer by showing fresh, different, and versatile angles in my photographs.

Wildlife conservation issues are my most precious subjects. I want to draw people’s attention to the immense beauty of the natural world and its inhabitants, through which I hope to inspire people to protect them more efficiently.

I also love to travel around the world. I have been to over 60 countries to date, and more is coming. Every story deserves to be told so that it could impact the viewer –  you, and create a positive change.

I can help you to achieve your goals through engaging and meaningful photography. Let’s create together an image for your brand and project that will spark a reaction and one that your audiences will fall in love with, too.

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Expedition Conservation is my newest project with which I aim to help wildlife conservation through conservation visual storytelling while driving through Africa. You can read more about this project on its website (just click the logo below).

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